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Trans Advocate | Writer of LGBTQ & Parenting | Author of Horror Short Stories. | IG: zadakent

Makeup is genderless.

My transgender son likes to wear makeup sometimes and I haven’t always been supportive. The difference between gender identity and gender expression has been a difficult lesson for me to learn and understand fully.

It seemed easier for me to understand that my biologically female baby was actually a boy than the idea that my son enjoys expressing himself with makeup and sometimes dresses. I think it stems from being taught all my life that the world exists in a binary regarding gender.

But I’ve since realized there are more than two genders. And I’ve learned how genderless makeup, clothing…

And embrace the mantra, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

My little sister is very much the opposite of me. We both have can-do attitudes most of the time. But she has strengths that I do not. She’s blunt where I’m quiet. She sticks up for herself as loudly as she feels is needed (so sometimes, very loudly). My go-to is more just tolerating whoever the irritating individual and trying to act as if it doesn’t bother me.

She has a life mantra she says aloud when she feels it’s necessary to remind herself — or anyone else — that not everyone’s problems need to be a part of her…

A Mom’s Fears During Pride Month, Reflecting on the Karens in This World, Fearless Words from a Country Music Legend, and New LGBTQ+ Flag-Themed Notebooks!

Hello, My Fabulous Friend!

Pride month is in full swing! I hope you’ve had the opportunity to attend an event near you with family and friends. I share a few photos in the full issue of Fab Friends from a Pride event in Findlay, Ohio. I’d love to see some of your own pics from this year’s events!

And the hope she holds for his future.

My child, Z, told me they wanted to be a boy when they were only eight years old. It has been an interesting journey ever since.

I still worry about my son’s future. It wasn’t that long ago — before he had shaggy sideburns and a small beard — that he didn’t quite pass as a male. Every time he had to use a public bathroom my anxiety went through the roof.

Would someone say something?

The big worry is that if someone is willing to say something, what else are they willing to do? …

Why you should go gossip-free, how to choose joy over happiness, and wise words on saving the world from Cyndi Lauper.

Hello, My Fat-and-Sassy Friend!

This is the latest mini-newsletter of Fat And Sassy .Life. You can find the link to the whole fabulous issue of Choose a Fat and Sassy Life below.

The new website is up and it looks fabulous! I hope you all go check it out. We’ve even added our own playlist on Spotify to put you in the mood to live it up fat-and-sassy style — simply click on ‘MUSIC’ at the top of the first page.

If you have suggestions on songs to add, let me know! I’d love to continue building it full of upbeat music that will…

Words have the power to destroy.

When we’re not feeling so great about ourselves, it’s easy to turn our focus on someone else. It feels so much less painful for us to criticize others than ourselves. But in order to truly feel better about yourself, you need to be better and do better. Don’t cave to the temptation of gossip.

F&S Foodstuff

You won’t regret skipping the Italian restaurant to serve up this instead.

Tuscan chicken dish
Tuscan chicken dish

My family devours Italian food which is probably why this dish is asked for so often in my house. Even my son who likes to say he’s ‘allergic’ to spinach and other green veggies, loves this meal when I serve it up with angel hair pasta.

How I Messed Up When My Child Came Out, Fearless Words from One of Medium’s Finest, And Is Makeup Just for Women?

Hello, My Fabulous Friend!

I can’t believe it’s June already — HAPPY PRIDE!!!!!

Are you planning on attending any Pride events? The pandemic shut down all of them last year, so my family will be enjoying several celebrations this year. And not to worry, I’ll be sharing all the fun photos and adventures with you.

F&S Foodstuff

Celebrate #NationalHamburgerDay with this mouth-watering delight!

Large Ultimate Burger with Lettuce, Onion, Pickles, and Tomatoes
Large Ultimate Burger with Lettuce, Onion, Pickles, and Tomatoes

Today is National Hamburger Day here in the U.S. so I pulled a summer favorite for all of you. This recipe will help you create the ultimate stuffed burger. They’re filled with cheddar, baby bellas, and onion then grilled to perfection.

You’ll have about ten large burgers when done — plenty enough for a fat-and-sassy queen to share with her loved subjects.

Your weight and body size have nothing to do with choosing a fat-and-sassy life.

There are a plethora of contributing factors that determine whether or not your life is considered a success or not — whether it’s been joyful, productive, influential, fun, meaningful, or filled with love. But your weight, body size, hair color, age, gender, sexual orientation — none of these are among those factors. These things contribute to your identity, but not whether or not your life could be labeled successful.

I believe a fat and sassy person has moxie, spirit, and a zest for life. She understands the importance of laughing regularly, knows it’s okay — and even encouraged — to…

Zada Kent

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