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  • Linda Caroll

    Linda Caroll

    Featured in NYT, Forbes.

  • lindsayjin


    Adult, human, female, transgender, intersectional feminist wildflower; “mother” to my kids; a girl interrupted for far too long



    Writer. Reader. Life long learner. Living with a mood disorder. Just trying to figure it out. She/her.

  • G. L. Balend

    G. L. Balend

    An autistic, gay, transgender man writing about LGBTQ issues, focused on the transgender community. (He/Him)

  • Shannon Ashley

    Shannon Ashley

    It's not about being flawless, it's about being honest. 🍵 📧

  • Gwen Saoirse

    Gwen Saoirse

    Saoirse is pronounced "seer sha" - Gaelic for freedom. I have tasted it and I thirst for it. As a transgender woman, I want my LGBTQ+ community to achieve it.

  • Zach J. Payne

    Zach J. Payne

    (He/They) Ninja Writer. Thespian. Queer. Essayist, poet, novelist.

  • Jk Mansi

    Jk Mansi

    To know where you're going find out where you've been. I strive to be joyful. I read. I write. I’m grateful.

  • Jude Harris

    Jude Harris

    Filmmaker, Parent, Trans Person

  • Danny Jackson H.

    Danny Jackson H.

    He/they. 26-year-old trans guy. Writing about video games, LGBTQ+ stuff, and whatever else can capture my attention for more than a minute at a time.

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